Want to learn or explore Project Tango depth sensing, 3D mapping and motion detection and perhaps win a Tango Tablet?

Submission are now open!

Register for an invitation here then and join us to build Unity3D or OpenGL Tango apps. Bring your laptop and app ideas and lets build. Note: Google account needed to register

Hackathon size 
We plan to hold a small hackathon with 40 - 50 people

Swag and PrizesWe have swag (Tango T-Shirts, Google Water Bottles, Headset Huggers and Bags), food and winners will take home a Tango Tablet. At the end of the day we'll hoist a few beers.

We'll have 36 Dive 7 headsets (without tablets) that bring Virtual Reality to 7 inch tablets.

What is Project Tango? Tango Tablets are an Android based prototype device with additional sensors that tracks 3D motion of the device and with specialized camera sensors creates a 3D model of the environment around it. Tango is an emerging technology that we hope will become available in all mobile devices.

What are we going to do? We want to learn depth sensing, 3D mapping and motion detection by getting together an building apps either with Unity3D or OpenGL. We'll break down into teams, imagine an app and build.

Who should attend Designers,artists and developers with experience with 3D and virtual reality. Experience building with Unity3D is especially valuable

Here are some useful links

This event is coorganized with GDG, Boston Android, Boston Virtual Reality and the Boston Unity Groups

Register for an invitation here

Timing of the day is approximate - we may finish a little later or a little earlier depending on how the day goes.

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We are looking for a diverse crowd of 3D and virtual reality developers, designers and artists from all fields. From gamer developers to data visualization to construction engineering. So please apply to attend because we are building a diverse group to build new ideas into new apps. 

If you'd like to join with a small group of us, please complete this Project Tango Hackathon form (Google Account Required).


Submissions will be simple and informal - everyone who builds a running app, a limping app or one that didn't get finished will have an opportunity to present.

How to enter

We are striving for a balance of 3D and virtual reality expereinced people with skills in software development, Unity3D, Android/Open GL, graphics and sound, design. We ask you kindly to complete this  Project Tango Hackathon form (Google Account Required). This isn't a intended to screen but to balance the Hackathons group skills over a small field of ~50 participants.


Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity and upload to Google Play
    We are looking for new ideas for the application of Tango sensors. Its a bonus if the submission can be uploaded to Google Play.